Darwin, Where Charles Darwin Never Went

Darwin | Olly & Hannah | An Australian Adventure Travel Blog

So in all honesty there’s not much to do in Darwin. It’s really hot, all the time, even at night. But even worse? It’s SO HUMID. As soon as we arrived we were told that unlike most places with four seasons, the Northern Territory of Australia has two - dry and wet. During dry season, the weather is like a nice summer’s day for six months straight, there are loads of festivals on, attractions are open, and there are sunset markets every weekend on Mindil Beach. Of course, we arrived the weekend after dry season ended. During wet season, there are thunderstorms nearly every day, most of the crocodile feeding places and other tourist traps close up, and it’s a bit too hot and sticky to really leave the house during the day.

Thankfully, with Rich’s help, we found a few things to do! As you all know, Olly and I are pretty indecisive and go with the flow, so after a couple days Rich realized how difficult it is to get us to make a decision and just wrote us an entire day’s itinerary. In his words, "the best Sunday of your lives!"

Darwin Itinerary | Olly & Hannah | An Australian Adventure Travel Blog 

I must say, the "Spectacular Jumping Crocs" were pretty cool. They put about 6 of us on a little boat, drove us up the river to croc territory, and dangled chunks of buffalo meat on a stick over the side of the boat. The crocs (with names like Pearl, Shaky, and Casanova) would jump up using their tails to propel them in order to catch the meat.

 Darwin Crocodiles | Olly & Hannah | An Australian Adventure Travel Blog

The guide also threw smaller bits of meat up in to the air as we were speeding back to shore to some birds. I don’t know what the birds are called. Apparently they’re special, but all birds look like pigeons to me.


The best thing we did in Darwin by far was a sunset dinner cruise for our anniversary. To celebrate being together for two years, we kicked back on a boat eating an 8 course tapas dinner and drinking unlimited champagne whilst cruising around watching the sunset. If you don’t know how easy it is to get completely sloshed when you combine unlimited champagne, a sea breeze, and rocking back and forth on a boat, I highly recommend it. It’s a great time - just don’t fall in!

 Darwin Sunset Cruise | Olly & Hannah | An Australian Adventure Travel Blog

Also whilst in Darwin, we spent a weekend with Hannah and the kids hopping between the beach and a wildlife park. And, Olly held a baby crocodile. Please enjoy the pictures as much as I do!

 Crocodiles in Darwin | Olly & Hannah | An Australian Adventure Travel Blog

Darwin Crocodiles | Olly & Hannah | An Australian Adventure Travel Blog

Lastly, even though Rich probably won’t read this, I feel I must include a massive thank you for letting us crash with him for three weeks straight, drive his awesome truck, drink his beer and use his dart board! Our next post will be about how we went to Berry Springs in Darwin, where we finally tested how the GoPro performs under water (and figured out how to get the videos onto my laptop). Stay tuned!

 Darwin | Olly & Hannah | An Australian Adventure Travel Blog

OH WAIT GUESS WHAT - Australia has better Mexican food than England and I am THRILLED ABOUT IT!

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