Happy Birthday, Olly

Happy Birthday Olly | Olly & Hannah | An Australian Adventure Travel Blog

Hi, Olly. Happy birthday.

This blog is my present to you, and a small attempt at making you feel better about turning 25. I hope you can use it, along with your new GoPro, to document the amazing things we'll do during our impending travels. With this, you can keep our friends and family updated without having to find the time to send 12 texts, two emails, and a Facebook post every time we go somewhere new. (Don't worry, I'll do the uploading and writing for you. You just do the fun bits, like jumping out of a plane with a camera attached to your head.)

Anyway, I think 25 will be a great year for you. You say there are no exciting birthdays left, and maybe you're right (we'll find out how 30 feels when we get there). But don't forget - you have a YEAR of being 25. And coincidentally, a year-long Australian visa. There is an incredible year ahead of you which will undoubtedly be full of adventure, getting outside your comfort zone, and leaving behind the mundane stresses of life in Essex. Instead of snow, public liability insurance and packet rice, the challenges of your next year will be things life hasn't ever sent your way before. And I know you, you like a challenge. 

So, again, happy birthday. I love you with all my heart and grow to love you more each day, especially as we embark on this new adventure. Have a wonderful birthday, and an even better 25th year!

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