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At the time of writing, it's the 26th of September and we leave on our adventure in just over two weeks. On the 11th of October, we'll fly to Phoenix for a brief return to my hometown. On the 23rd, we'll fly to Honolulu for three nights before completing our journey to Sydney from there. 

Once in Sydney, we have no solid plans, not even accommodation. This is kind of on purpose - we're loving the freedom of being able to take life day by day. But at some point, we'll find our way to Darwin and from there, on to Cairns. 

The list of what we hope to see, do, and accomplish is open-ended at this point, but the few things we're sure of are as follows:

  • Olly's set on doing another sky dive. I'm set on waiting safely on the ground, preferably with a glass of something alcoholic, for him to return safely from the heavens via parachute.
  • To extend our one-year working holiday visas into two years, we'll have to complete three months of "regional work" - so we'll be picking bananas, packing eggs or cleaning hostels pretty soon after we set down in Aus.
  • Though we may end up coming home sooner than a year, we will do everything in our power to stay out of England for the horrible four months of snow/coldest winter in years that we've been warned is on its way.
  • While we're over on that side of the world, we will at some point visit my wonderful Kiwi friend in Auckland, and we'd also like to get to Bali, Thailand and Vietnam.

Any other suggestions would be gladly welcomed! Feel free to add them in the comments - we'd love to hear from you!


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